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Colleen Clayton
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1. Pick one of your OCs.                                                                                                
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.
3. Tag others!

Tagged by TBRae 

Introducing my Oc...
I pick ...

Digetella by Cbocstar

1) What is your name?
My name is Digetella M3L0DY Champ

 Do you know why you were named that?
Mumsy and Daddy thought it'd make me special by giving me a Humanistic and Droid ID Number. It's irrelevant. 
I just go by Digetella to be honest.

3) Single or taken?
Obviously with this goodlooks I'm taken. Whether I like it or not.

4) Have any special abilities or powers?
Does having a microchip-heart3k20 count as a special ability...Immortality anyone?

5)Stop being a mary sue!
PFt that's such a Dial up name. Come on we living are in the fudgewatts 3k20!

6) What's your eye color?
Chocolate brown

7)  What about hair color?
It's auburn orange dark brown but I put chalk micros on me so I'm currently green.

8) Have you any family members?
I have a mumsy, a daddy and a baby brother

9)oh? How about pets?
1 bot dog.

10) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
you guess? I don't like boltches like you being unenthusiastic in my presence. 
Besides that. I just really can't stand my betrothed Manuel Milt0n. He's literally covered in synthetic body parts. The only humanistic features left is his head and hands and feet. Then again I don't think I want to check his downstairs compartment. It shall be a surprise i guess.

11) What are your hobbies?
Getting my hair done, having people carry my shit, bossing people around, speeding on my hovercraft, hacking wifi passwords, messing with someone's house maid service. dropping botdog's oil stains on mumsy's dresses

12) Have you hurt anyone in anyway?
What are you talking about? There's no such thing as hurting anyone. Besides if I did they can always erase it or recharge your feelings. 

13)Ever..killled anyone before?
Can't I said we are immortal.

14)What kind of animal are you?
I'm not an animal. I'm a h00manistic
I'm an intelligent human species that lives and breathes on the Planet Saturn's rings of DigiPan. 
No we're not aliens. We are just advanced.

15) Name your worst habits.
I admit it, I ccare more about materials than my own family.
If I don't like the person but I have to be friends with them...I will just love their materials. 
I care a lot about getting all the new upgrades, staying ontop infront  of everyone.
I enjoy seeping people bow down before me when they mess up. 

16) Do you look up to anyone at all?
my grandma...she's such a stubborn H00man who refuses to move and leave planet Earth...when she knows living here on saturn's ring is better luxury for her. She's fuddwatts freaking old. We have all the kinds of technology advancements that enables her to walk on her two feet than depend on a wheelchair or cane to get her to her destinations. But she chooses Earth and just being able to do whatever she wants is admirable. But I can't see myself living in that life. Nope. I refuse. Living on Earth is where you are banished and isolated. H00manistic can't survive long.

17) Do you go to school?
Hologram professors visit me in my bedroom. *winks*
heh. of course I'm joking. But no really I have school.

18) Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Uhhhhhhh no not right now...but apparently my life is already made up...because I'm engaged to a guy I don't even like. Then again so was my mumsy and daddy but they were friends and asked gramps and gamma to arrange them together. And it's not fair for me.

19)Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Yeah they bow down whenever I walk the morning patches.

20) What are you most afraid of?
Isolation, No technology, being forgotten, and dying. Living a life that's not what I planned.

21) What do you usually wear?
Whatever the Fudgewatts I want.
Sometimes they have tutus, and dark lights, glowing strobes, stockings, hats, leather dresses

22) What's one food that tempts you?
Burgers and that I see my mumsy would eat in the photo albums back in the life she lived on earth.
I always wanted to try it. But I refuse to step foot in that world.

23) Am I annoying you?
Yes. Are we done yet? I'm tired.

24) Well, its not over.
oh great. just perfect.

25) What class are you?
I'm born royalty upper class

26)How many friends do you have?
a lot and it doesn't include you.

27) What are your thoughts on pie?

28) Favorite drink?
Carbonated H2O

29)What's your favorite place?
My bedroom

30) Are you interested in anyone?
Yeah...the guys in my classes are hot.

31) Would rather swim in a lake or an ocean.
Lakes are for poor people.

32) What's your type?
Not my fiance of course.

33) Any fetishes?
How is that any important. You are dirty!

34) Seme or uke?
Seme of course.
I refuse to be bossed around.
Only I can be the boss in the bedroom.

35) camping or indoors?

36) Tag:
Akatoh , adaful acoua 
annnd anyone else wants to read it. 
Finally managed to fill this out. xDD 
Now to bed I go....

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